Hello, wanderer!

Welcome to Aizistral's Haven, one of the few quiet places in this chaotic and inhospitable world we call "the internet". I'm certain you won't have much trouble finding your way around, but in case you want an overview of what you may find here - such is placed below.


Different wikis dedicated to various projects I maintain. They aren't there yet actually, but someday they will be, or so I hope at least. For now most of my projects still use GitHub as a wiki hosting solution.


Articles that I sometimes publish, usually dedicated to some kind of research or an in-depth discussion. I don't plan on having a classical blog yet, so that's the closest you can get in the meantime. Since this website is static - most publications are still hosted externally on GitHub Gists, to allow for interactivity in the form of comments and such.


If you wonder who is the mysterious person behind this website - that's where you can find out. I usually don't talk much about myself, so it's quite a unique opportunity you have to learn some details!


Check out if you're looking to get in touch with me directly, for whatever reason that might be.