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Who the hell am I?

Good question! I am Aizistral, Java and a bit of a web developer. You might know me for my Minecraft mods, which have over 15 million downloads combined. I have authored widely known mods such as Forgotten Relics, Enigmatic Legacy and No Chat Reports, although only the latter two currently receive my active maintenance.

I have a particular passion for legacy modding. Most of my experience as a Minecraft player was on modded 1.7.10, and this is the version I could never entirely let go of. It was there that I started actively experimenting with mod configs, and then more elaborate tools such as MineTweaker and Mob Properties, in an attempt to create truly unique modpack experience. When these tools stopped being sufficient I turned my sights to modding, and as such my first mod was coded. With only a few simple items to serve as crafting ingredients - it wasn't much to look at; but such was the beginning of my path as mod developer, and I still cast an occasional longing sight in the direction of these simpler times. I do not play Minecraft much any longer, but there are projects there to which I keep coming back, including a fork of ForgeGradle and some backporting initiatives such as Grimoire API.

Also I run a small YouTube channel. In fact I did for a long time, but its "real" beginning can be traced to the announcement of chat reporting as part Minecraft's infamous snapshot 22w24a, when I have decided to speak to Minecraft community about its countless flaws and concerns it gave rise to. Since then I've made quite a few videos in an attempt to raise awareness, explain technical sides of the system and prevent the spread of misinformation about it. Presently I do not have clear directions on where to take the channel from there, but rest assured I'll figure something out.

Regarding my other interests - programming is an easy-to-guess one. I liked writing at one point, but my works enjoyed limited popularity where I published them, and ultimately I could not foster the patience required to keep doing it as a hobby with no clear payoffs. Perhaps I will come back to that when I am older and financial security is less of a concern.

Quite as expected I also play videogames, with Stellaris, Hollow Knight, Hades, Darkest Dungeons and Vintage Story being some of my favorites. Most recently I started playing Among Us, just to see what all the memes were all about, and it actually turned out to be not too bad, especially since it was my first multiplayer experience in a long time.

My projects

Mod Logo Enigmatic Legacy

Total Downloads: 6,000,000+

Magic-themed mod with a lot of unique resources, tools, weapons and accessories, both found in world and craftable by player's hand.

Mod Logo No Chat Reports

Total Downloads: 24,000,000+

A mod that prevents chat reports and protects user privacy by stripping identifiable cryptographic signatures from chat messages.

 Forge Workspace

Gradle project template for mod development with Forge on 1.7.10. Features custom example mod, ForgeGradle fork and a few adjustments that are just nice to have out of the box.

 Aizistral's Haven

You didn't think this little website just made itself for me, did you? In fact, this is the first project I made as part of my ongoing effort to learn web development. Hope you like it.

...that is not all of course. You can see the rest at GitHub organization I own:  Logo Aizistral Studios

My YouTube videos

...check out my YouTube channel for more:  Logo Aizistral

Where I dwell

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My Discord server:

Logo The Architect's Domain

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Support me

My public works are free, but if you would like to lend me your financial support - I would be very grateful!
You can do so at Buy Me a CoffeeLogo Aizistral